David Williams
David Williams, yesterday.
David has been making webcomics since 2003.
He is originally from Manchester, England, and now resides in Hamilton, New Jersey. He has been drawing since before he could talk and reading comics since the age of six.
David currently lives alone, bitterly alone, and drinks heavily to keep the cold and the darkness at bay. Or because he has a problem. Whatever.

E-mail: shithappens@raincannon.com
Twitter: @hazardhostile
Livejournal: shadowofsummer
Tumblr: raincannon.tumblr.com.
If you play Kingdom of Loathing, David goes by JimDandy, player ID #866492. Hit him up with a K-Mail!

All writing DR Williams and M Elizabeth Williams 2003-2014 unless otherwise noted. All artwork by DR Williams (except for the bits that aren't.)