Hom Box

Haus of Meat

DR Williams

This is what happens when you decide that you're going to do something different and make a webcomic about fashion.

Fashion is about as far from geek culture as you can get. The two occasionally overlap, but only rarely, like an eclipse, and even then it mostly passes geek culture by without notice.
My thinking was that the two subjects that really, nobody had done in webcomics, at least not very well, were fashion and sports. Given a choice between looking at (mostly) guys in jockstraps and tight-fitting outfits or looking at beautiful women and jaw-droppingly gorgeous clothing, I did the sensible thing and picked the latter. I don't know much about fashion. It's probably going to show.

All writing DRW 2011-2018 unless otherwise noted. All artwork by DRW (except for the bits that aren't.)